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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Apple Developer Academy?

Apple Developer Academy @ UC is a commitment to empower Indonesia's economy by creating world-class developers for the world's most innovative and vibrant app ecosystem.

What is Academy Program?

The Academy Program is a 10-month learning journey that supports you to develop your own apps and become a well-rounded professional World-class Developers.

What is Foundation Program?

The Foundation Program is a short challenge-based program designed to provide the opportunity for aspiring World-class Developers to experience Apple’s learning framework in designing iOS app prototypes.

Who can attend the Academy & Foundation Program?

The Academy welcomes all 18+ applicants from any education background (coding skills are not required).

Does the Academy accept foreign applicants?

Apple Developer Academy @ UC is currently only accepting Indonesian citizens. Thus, foreign applicants are recommended to apply to our Academy in Batam or Italy.

If I am not a coder, could I still perform in the Academy & Foundation Program?

Yes definitely. You don’t have to be a coder / know programming. Everyone can join from any backgrounds. All you need is the ability to think logically and collaborate with others as well as communicating ideas. The other necessary skills will be incorporated in the curriculum. In the end, everybody will be exposed to the same opportunity for learning. As long as you are highly motivated and committed to growing and creating an impact to help and improve your environment and communities, you will do well in the Academy.

How long is the Academy Program?

It is a 10-month program from February to December. You have to commit to 20 hours per week (4 hours per day during the designated hours) of activities, Monday to Friday. There will be 2 shifts available:

  • Morning Shift (08.00-12.00) Recommended for final-year students, fresh graduates, or professionals
  • Afternoon Shift (13.30-17.30) Recommended for students who are in 6th Semester or above

How long is the Foundation Program?

The program goes through 4 weeks of exciting learning activities, from 8.00 - 12.00, Monday to Friday.

How many people are accepted in each Cohort of the Academy Program?

We accept 100 participants in each Cohort. There will be only one Cohort each year.

How many Foundation Programs will be in a year?

We accept 25 participants in each Batch. The Foundation will be done in several batches over the year.

Do I have to pay?

No, you don't. The Academy Program, the Foundation Program, and this registration process are completely free. A full scholarship will be awarded for those who qualify for the program. In addition, a stipend will be provided monthly for accepted Academy Program Participants.

What do I learn during the time in the Academy & Foundation Program?

You will learn how to become a World-class Developer, which allow you to become an expert with many abilities. You will be exposed to Tech Skills and Design Skills (UI/UX). This is the set of skills required by a Developer to become a T-Shaped professional, which is an expert in one aspect but is also knowledgeable and skilled in other relevant aspects. Professional skills are also provided to help the participants fulfill their potential and maximise their quality.

Who will be the people I work with in the Academy?

People with different backgrounds, different level of skills, even different ages. So far we have witnessed housewives, professionals, university students, inventors, teachers, and even government officials. These people come from Tech backgrounds, Design expertise, and even other specialised domain expertise such as singers, health practitioners, fashion designers, and psychologists. The age of the people in the Academy are mainly early 20s, although the oldest we have had is 42 years old and the youngest is 17 years old.

What is the learning curriculum/methodology in the Academy?

Challenge Based Learning (CBL). The framework fuels collaboration to identify big ideas, ask thoughtful questions, and identify, investigate and solve challenges. CBL helps learners gain deep subject area knowledge and develop the skills necessary to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Do I have to be good in English?

You don’t have to be fluent in English. However, good English skills will help you understand our activities conducted in English.

What will I get after joining the Foundation Program?

If you get accepted to join the Foundation Program, we will provide you with a MacBook Pro and an iPhone as the equipment to be utilized during the term of the program. Upon the successful completion of this program, you will get a Certificate of Completion from Apple Developer Academy @ UC.

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