Foundation Program - Apple Developer Academy @ UC

Foundation Program

What is Apple Foundation Program?

The Foundation Program is a short term, challenge-based class designed to provide the opportunity to aspiring World-Class Developers to experience Apple’s
learning framework to design iOS app prototypes.
The Foundation will be done in several batches over the year, and this year will witness up to 6 batches of Foundation Program classes. Each batch will consist at least 25 participants.
The batches are:

  1. First : January (Educator)
  2. Second : March, 23 – April, 17 (postponed in response to COVID-19)
  3. Third : June, 22 – July, 17 (registration closed in response to COVID-19)
  4. Fourth : July, 27 – August 28 (registration closed in response to COVID-19)

In response to COVID19’s Pandemic status, Apple Developer Academy @ UC had decided the following implementations:

  1. Our Foundation program is postponed until a later date.
  2. All visits to the Academy are temporarily suspended. Visitations will proceed after the condition stabilizes.

In order to reduce the spreading of the Coronavirus, it's best to:

  1. Limit distance, intensity, and physical contact when interacting with others (social distancing). Do all activities as much as possible at home.
  2. Stay clean by avoiding direct contact with objects touched by a lot of people, and clean your hands regularly by washing using antiseptic hand soap or disinfecting using hand sanitizer.
  3. Maintain your health by cultivating a clean & healthy lifestyle, through consumption of nutritious food, regular exercise, and staying clean. If you feel unwell, contact your doctor immediately and avoid activities outside your home that may have the potential to transmit the disease to others.

How long is the Foundation Program?

The program goes through 4 weeks of exciting learning activities, from 8AM to 12PM, Monday to Friday.

How many people will be there in a Foundation class?

Each class will have 25 participants, collaborating and growing together as future World-Class Developers.

What do I have to do to join the Foundation Program?

Register yourself through our link and upload a Curriculum Vitae on pdf format (template provided at, a photo of your ID card, and a photo of your family card.
Stay in touch for future batches registration and important news through our Instagram @uc.appledeveloperacademy

What is the selection process of the Foundation Program?

After registering, your credentials will be assessed to determine your motivation. If you fulfill the prerequisites, you will be invited to take an Academic Potential Test. If your score is higher than our cutoff score, you will be summoned for an interview.
If you pass the interview, you (and your guardian, if you are under 18) will need to re-register and finalize the enrolment.

What will be tested in the Academic Potential Test?

The Academic Potential Test is designed to measure your basic abilities in the field of Software Development, Logic, Design, and Business.
There will be 30 questions to challenge your calculation skills, thinking skills, and problem-solving skills.
Be ready to tackle questions in both English and Bahasa Indonesia.
Don't forget to bring your National ID (KTP) or your Student ID during the test day.
Feel free to equip yourself with a piece of blank paper and a pen.

What is the cost to join the Foundation Program?

It will cost you the time to register, write a CV, and to upload them all through our link. No payment required.

What will I get after joining the Foundation Program?

If you get accepted to join the Foundation Program, Apple will provide you with a MacBook Pro and an iPhone as the equipment to be utilized during the term of the program. Upon the successful completion of this program, you will get a Certificate of Completion from Apple Developer Academy @ UC.

How do I stay updated with the Foundation Program’s future registrations?

Follow our Instagram @uc.appledeveloperacademy for updated news, including registration information for future Foundation Program batches and Apple Developer Academy enrolments!